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AB International™ has been manufacturing high-quality, American-made amplifiers since 1978. In the 1990's when it became more profitable to take manufacturing overseas, AB™ gave it a shot but realized this quality did not meet our rigorous standards. Instead, we decided to keep our manufacturing here in the United States, for the benefit of our customers. This allows us to maintain our strict quality control and to personally inspect and test each amplifier before it ships.

Our amplifiers are used all over the world wherever reliable, high-quality sound is needed or desired.

World-Class Design

Somewhere in Rio de Janeiro the sound of a maraca reaches the back row of a music festival with crystal clarity. Meanwhile, off California's coast a 'ping' helps researchers map underwater cliffs. Wherever performance and reliability is crucial, you'll find AB™ amplifiers.

Our Always-On® technology allows AB™ amps to remain powered-up 100% of the time while still running efficiently and cool, thereby extending their service life by 63% over conventional designs. The AB™ designs utilize the highest quality internal components to achieve events so moving that you will remember them forever.

AB™ amplifiers are known for their incredibly stout power supplies. This means superior control of the woofer for tight, deep bass response. Not only that, but AB™ amps are capable of running at 2 ohms all day long sounding just as good as the competitor's amps running at 8 ohms.

World-Class Clients

Because of our reputation and track record some of the world's most successful companies choose our products.

  • Boeing
  • Disney
  • IMAX
  • Industrial Light & Magic
  • JSX
  • Paramount
  • Pixar
  • Skywalker Sound