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Below you'll find photos and letters from some of AB International's happiest customers. Check them out and maybe you'll get some insight on improving your own audio system.

The McDonald Theater

When entering the McDonald Theatre building, one is immediately flooded with past memories of stage and screen performances because the 1928 building is loaded with historical memories and elements reflecting the days of yore.

This (comfortable, familiar yet exciting) feeling is one that the Kesey Family, which owns and operates the theatre, has worked hard to maintain. Their own childhood memories of past performances at The McDonald Theatre are very vivid. With an extensive background rich in both the arts and business, the Kesey Family combined the love of art with business savvy into a formation that manifests the new face of The McDonald Theatre.

Hence, The McDonald Theatre has evolved into a performing arts venue, rich in theatrical history with a desire to capture live artistic movements of the times.

In maintaining the historical ambiance of the theatre, an effort has been made to emphasize the importance of community involvement. The theatre creates a platform for artists of all ambitions, repertoires, and ages to be displayed.

As the stage, screen, and live performances evolve with trends of the future the McDonald Theatre is committed to provide a venue for the enhancement of the artistic arena.

More information can be found at mcdonaldtheater.com.

Ken P


I am the proud owner of 8 AB International Amps. They represent an outstanding value with excellent durability and quality sound characteristics.

The following photos show my Westlake HR-1s run by 6 of my 8 AB Amps. The Westlake HR-1s are a high power phase coherent monitor utilizing a custom built Westlake HRX 4-way active crossover. The HRX has dual power supplies, one for each channel as well as separate PCBs that are electronically matched to each monitors components. Westlake uses JBL 2235H for the low freq crossing over to a mid low freq Gauss 3184B at 250hz. At 1K the system crosses over to a JBL 2441 on a large wood horn to 4.5K. Above 4.5K the system uses a JBL 2426H on the small wood horn.

  • 2 AB 980As bridged mono run the dual 2235s on each side.
  • 2 AB 600As bridged mono run the Gauss 3184B on each side.
  • 1 AB 600LX runs the 2441s on both left and right sides.
  • 1 AB 400 runs the 2426Hs on both the left and right sides.

These are simply outstanding high power monitors. They have incredible dynamic range and outstanding imaging characteristics. I dreamed of owning a pair of these for many years before I was in a financial position to realize my goal. I plan on upgrading the amps...to a pair of AB multi channel amplifiers.


Ken P

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